Subtle Astronaut

by New Terminus

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Good Rock Music. The latest release by the Atlanta rock quartet, New Terminus. Five new songs in convenient EP form.


released June 3, 2014

Written by New Terminus with the exception of "Left of the Dial" written by Paul Westerberg, published by NAH Publishing.
Recorded and mixed by New Terminus at Saturn Five Sound, Atlanta, GA.
Mastered by Glenn Schick Mastering.
©2014 New Terminus



all rights reserved


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New Terminus Atlanta, Georgia

New Terminus is an Atlanta-based rock band with high-powered guitar-driven melodies and stylistic pop sensibilities. The band’s influences vary from Built To Spill and Superchunk to the Pixies and Pinback. Combining captivating melodies, intricate lyrical stylings and driving rock music, New Terminus infuses each song with infectious energy. ... more

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Track Name: Subtle Astronaut
The pain and all the chaos that we brought
Trajectories for subtle astronauts
To touch the sky and earn a taste at last
Melts our wings turns our skin to black

I can't take anymore, take anymore

I hate the part of you that stays
And the Universe can't hold us anyway
I'm burning out today
Track Name: Back and Forth
I took a loss on my self last winter
I took a chance it wasn't enough
I dug a whole a hole it's so much deeper now
So much deeper than the cost.

I think alot of how it might be different
I think of things could have been
I think of how we're so much old now
So much older than when we began

Back and forth and
Back and forth and
Back and forth and
Back and forth and
Back again.

Convince myself that this time will be different
I put my hands to the same old rock
Run around til I can't remember
The reasons that I started are long forgot

And while I think that it might be over
I'm still not ready to admit defeat
We keep it moving to the same bright rhythm
Two steps forward and one in retreat.
Track Name: Let it Out
Let them be, simplest.
Seemingly indifferent
Passionate progeny
Corporate philosophy, philosophy.

You can't complain
You never learned how
to let it out.

For a time lost yourself.
Beat you up, beat you down.
Measured out temperament,
Let it out, let it in.

You can't complain
You never learned how
To let it out.
Track Name: Meat Snax
I think alot about
Not so simple things
I'm sure you've heard about this
I'm sure you've heard about the end of it all.

I made a little place
Space where I could sit
And watch it all begin
And watch it all from the safest place.

This has all happened before.

They came without a sound
They took you by surprise
I'm sure you put up a fight
I'm sure you put up one hell of a fight.

They came and took you home
Just like they always did
We are so good to them
We're just so good,
We taste so good to them.

This has all happened before.
Track Name: Left of the Dial
Read about your band
Some local page
Didn't mention your name
Didn't mention your name

Sweet Georgia breezes
Safe, cool and warm
I headed up north
You headed up north

On and on and on and on
What side are you on?

Weary voice that's laughin'
On the radio once
We sounded drunk
Never made it on

Passing through it's late
Station started to fade
We picked it up
In the very next state

On and on and on and on
What side are you on?

Little girl keep growin' up
Playin' make-up and wearin' guitar
You grow old in a bar
You grow old in a bar

Headed out San Francisco
Definitely not LA
Didn't mention your name
Didn't mention your name

And if I don't see you
In a long, long while
I'll try to find you
Left of the dial.